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Ultracapacitor Wind Retrofit

Replace pitch system Sealed Lead Acid batteries with no maintenance ultracapacitors on GE 1.x and 2.x wind turbines

Capacitor Charger Unit (CCU)

Windurance has designed and validated a Capacitor Charger Unit (CCU) for the LiCAP Technologies, Inc. Wind Retrofit ultracapacitor sub-system. The wind retrofit is packaged as blade kits or full turbine kits to replace the pitch actuator batteries in GE model 1.x and 2.x wind turbines. See

  • Fast and easy to install complete electromechanically package, CCU, brackets, cables

  • Robust electrical design tested to exceed IEC electrical immunity standards

  • Universal design serves 20Nm and 30Nm configurations

  • Lightning protection conforms to IEC 62305-1 standards

  • Robust wide operating voltage range protection from high line levels, and maintains operation at low line levels

  • Capacitor status monitoring

  • Tested to IEC 60068-2 Shock and Vibration standards