i-Pitch System


Designed for 1.5MW to 6 MW wind turbines

  • Low Inertia Permanent Magnet Brushless Servo Motors
  • Patented Emergency Feather Control (EFC) Safety System
  • Patented LVRT System
  • Offshore, C5M rated package available
  • Battery or ultracapacitor auxiliary power available
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Designed for 100kW to 1.5MW wind turbines

  • Low inertia Permanent Magnet Brushless Servo Motors
  • Advanced EFC Safety option available
  • Ultracapacitor Auxilary power system
  • Patented LVRT system
  • 20-year maintenance-free design life
  • Scalable to meet turbine cost expectations
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Spare Parts


Windurance is the exclusive design authority on all pitch components for our installed turbine base. This includes all electronics, motors and batteries.

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Windurance designs and delivers performance-optimized
wind turbine blade pitch technologies


Windurance has a variety of pitch control platforms for wind turbines from 300 KW up to 10 MW. We also offer hybrid power management systems for off-grid, custom inverter applications. All products are designed to perform flawlessly in the harshest of conditions including: off shore, high temperature, high humidity, cold weather and even the typically damaging effects of lightning.

Spare Parts

We are committed to lifetime product support through our aftermarket services as well as supplying new replacement sub-assemblies. Windurance OEM factory replacement PCB assemblies, motors, and components include a two year warranty. Our exclusive, high performance batteries are available with a one year warranty. To support emergency breakdowns, we typically carry inventory of all critical components.

Field Service

Windurance offers industry-leading field service support available 24-7 to our valued customers. Our support not only meets customers’ standards, it exceeds them!

Aftermarket Services

Manufacturing based service is available to provide prompt response (typically in 10 days) to any service issues that may develop within the sub-assembly installed systems.


Offering a variety of training programs and methods of delivery of those programs, Windurance has two dedicated training centers that offer classroom and hands-on training sessions. Our clients can choose either our Coraopolis or Seneca locations or even opt for training at their site.


Windurance maintains an ISO 9001 certified quality management system through Bureau Veritas. Windurance is driven to deliver quality – from the day-to-day operations, to the customer service standards established and the products delivered.

Windurance is Global!

Since 2000, Windurance has been designing, manufacturing, delivering, commissioning and servicing our pitch systems and customer inverters throughout the global marketplace. Our years of experience combined with our robust infrastructure is aligned to support our expanding presence in the Americas, Europe, Asia and beyond.